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Modelling using SAMCEF command language Bacon: Advanced training

Sector :  Design & Construction

Training duration : 3 days

Training site : WAN - Département Formations techniques (Gosselies)

Contact : 071/34 81 80 –

Field: Calculation

The training courses that will be organised in this area will enable the acquisition of skills with regard to IT tools used within companies in the aeronautics and space sector.

These include training on the following tools:

  • Catia V5 and V6 ;
  • PLM 2.0 Environment ;
  • ANSYS ;
  • SAMCEF ;
  • Software products concerning the field of fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, aerothermics,…

Concerned area


To refine the knowledge of the behaviour of structures, the current tendency is to take more and more into account non-linear geometric and material effects but also the influence of imperfections or other local effects. The aim of the course is to give an overview of the possibilities of MECANO by drawing the user’s attention to the many pitfalls of the transition from linear to non-linear analysis.



1. Linear analysis

  • Linear materials: elastic behaviour law (including anisotropy and axis management)
  • Guided reading of a listing (number of ddls, memory area, error messages and warnings, element types, CPU-elapsed, …)
  • Description of available solvers
  • Comments on null or negative pivots
  • Second order effects (taking into account preloads)


2. Stability analysis

  • Basic principles of stability analysis (K, Ku, Kp matrices, eigenvalues, eigenmodes)
  • Special STABI module data and file management
  • Introduction of a modal defect
  • “tips and tricks” (like NLIS -1…)
  • Management of games and imposed moves
  • Commented reading of a listing


3.  Non-linear analysis

  • Basic principles of non-linear analysis (static, dynamic, damped, geometric non-linearities, material)
  • Non-linear materials
  • Deformation measurements

Plastic behaviour law (strain hardening curve)

Other materials

Post-treatment (including criteria

  • Special data of the MECANO module (order.SUB)
  • Commented reading of a listing
  • Link between MECANO and the other modules


4. General description of module operation

  • Contents of sdb, sam, u18, des-fac,…
  • Description of SAM_* environment variables and other usage tips



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