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Sector :  Design & Construction

Training duration : 12 days

Training site : WAN - Département Formations techniques (Gosselies)

Contact : 071/34 81 80 –

Fields: Engineering – Methods – Processes – Quality

The training offered in this area will mainly concern staff working in one of the following sectors:

  • The design office;
  • Production ;
  • Methods and Processes Department ;
  • The Quality Department

The training projects concern the following points:

  • Project management,
  • Lean (Black, White and Green belt),
  • 6sigma,
  • FMECA,
  • Methods Officer,
  • Functional rating,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Project management as a subcontractor,
  • Supply chain,
  • SPC,
  • Design to cost,
  • Assembly of aeronautical structures,
  • Knowledge of aeronautical materials,
  • Heat and surface treatments,
  • Evolution of aviation standards,
  • Machining methods and programming

Concerned area

Travailler au sein d’un département méthodes d’une entreprise mécanique ou aéronautique.


  • Implementation of optimized manufacturing processes, using all modern means and methods related to manufacturing.
  • Ensure the development of processes that ensure manufacturing at the lowest cost.
  • Homogenization of knowledge to allow a common dialogue between all stakeholders (simultaneous engineering)


  • Production or Methods Office Technician
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical manufacturing


The Method function

  • Structured methodology for developing a manufacturing process
  • Analysis and use of functional rating
  • Study of the manufacturing quotation
  • Study of the isostatism of part gripping
  • Study of systematic and random dispersions
  • Capability of a delta method process – Study of linear and angular coordinate transfers
  • Study of geometric transfers
  • Odds Chain Reminders
  • Vector method

Table method

  • Tolerancing studies for part gripping tools
  • Structured tolerance distribution method
  • Proportional method

ISO method

  • Quadratic or statistical method
  • Studies of crude oil links
  • Machining simulation
  • Calculation of semi-finishing dimensions

Calculation of rough dimensions

Calculation of the crude capable of the process

  • Minimum chip method and economic tolerances
  • Optimization of the use of the functionalities of the NOCMs
  • Machine origin
  • Part origin
  • Program origin
  • Programmed zero offset Measured zero offset
  • Study of typical probes (Rénishaw)
  • Study of typical boring heads ( D’andréa)


Technicien experimenté en production avec quelques années d’expérience ou concepteur d’un bureau d’études détaché au bureau des methodes afin d’acquérir les compétences necessaires à l’élaboration des gammes opératoires.


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