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Design to cost

Sector :  Design & Construction

Training duration : 5 days

Training site : WAN - Département Formations techniques (Gosselies)

Contact : 071/34 81 80 –

Fields: Design Office – Methods – Procedures – Quality

The courses offered in this field are intended mainly for personnel working in one of the following sectors:

  • Design Office;
  • Production;
  • Methods and Procedures department;
  • Quality department


The training course projects cover the following points:

  • Project management,
  • Lean (Black, White and Green belt),
  • 6sigma,
  • AMDEC,
  • Methods agent,
  • Functional dimensioning,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Organising a project through sub-contractors,
  • Supply chain,
  • SPC,
  • Design to cost,
  • Assembly of aeronautical structures,
  • Understanding of aeronautical materials,
  • Heat and surface treatment,
  • Evolution of aeronautical standards,
  • Machining and programming methods

Concerned area


By the end of the training course, the participants will:

– know the Design To Cost methodology,

– know the various Design To Cost tools and be able to apply them in a judicious and appropriate manner,

– have started to apply the concepts to their real project,

– be able to run and conclude a Design To Cost project within their professional environment,

– be able, for specific problems, to interact with the instructor who will work with them during the follow-up phase.


Engineers and technicians in design, marketing/sales, quotations, methods, quality, Design To Cost project leaders running a current or future real project.


  1. Determining a commercial design that provides logic and value for the client (idea).
  2. Proposition of a target cost for the whole product depending upon the level of requirements (project).
  3. Determining target costs according to function (basic design).
  4. Production specifications and setting target costs for parts (detailed design).
  5. Cost optimisation for the whole of the product life cycle (planning).



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